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A well-known engineer launched the renewable energy firm SunGoldPower in 2010. They are dedicated to offering green power solutions, low-frequency inverters, solar panels, and other green energy technologies. Every product is made to the highest possible standards of quality.


SunGoldPower`s inverter series, which is ideal for your off-grid system or an emergency backup supply, may be used for various interior and outdoor applications, including house, business, RV system, trailer, and boat applications. Your outdoor and mobile lifestyle will enhance with high-quality inverters. They will make every effort to ensure every one of its customers enjoys purchasing their high-quality products and have become well-known and worked with traders and customers in Europe, America, Australia, and Southeast Asia. Shortly, they look forward to establishing fruitful business connections with new clients worldwide.


Solar Power Inverter


Since photovoltaic solar cells, as they already know, continuously produce DC (direct current) power, a DC to AC conversion of the electrical power is necessary when a photovoltaic solar system needs to be connected directly to the primary electricity grid or contains an AC (alternating current) load. Therefore, the Solar Power Inverter uses electronic switching methods to convert DC to AC.


An essential electronic component known as a solar power inverter transforms electrical energy produced by a PV solar array into a clean AC power supply that can be fed directly into the electrical grid. The primary usage of a single solar power inverter is to increase the low input voltage into an appropriate frequency conventional household AC mains power supply. When an AC mains energy supply is unavailable, they can still use electrical appliances because they operate at the proper frequency and voltage. An inverter is a substantial investment, as you are all aware. However, it is essential to the longevity of your home`s electrical appliances, including your television, laptop, pipe lights, and fans. During a power outage, a reliable inverter powers your critical electrical appliances. Additionally, it aids in powering specific devices, such as a laptop you want to use right now.


Sun gold power has the following inverters.


Hybrid solar inverter

Low-frequency solar inverter

An off-grid hybrid solar inverter

Parallel solar inverter

AC coupled solar inverter


Inverter Charger


Solar panels are frequently used in an off-grid solar power system to charge the batteries. However, in the winter, when the days are shorter, solar power alone might not be sufficient to recharge the battery bank, depending on your setup. An AC generator may be employed in these circumstances to maintain battery charge. The AC power from the generator would be converted via an inverter/charger to charge the DC battery bank. To set the battery from the AC generator and convert the DC electricity from the battery to AC for your appliances, an off-grid inverter/charger would convert power in both directions. Specific inverters/chargers can even remotely activate a generator when the battery charge level drops.


An inverter/charger is also frequently used in boats and recreational vehicles (RVs), where it is used to run AC loads and charge the battery bank using shore power or a generator.


Sun gold power had a wide variety of inverter chargers.


Pure shine inverter with charger

Split phase inverter charger

12V inverter charger

24V inverter charger

48V inverter charger


Solar Panel And Kits


While many property owners opt to engage with a professional solar installer to install a solar energy system, if you have DIY experience and know-how, you can install it yourself. Unfinished solar energy installations are referred to as solar panel kits. They often include everything required for installing solar panels at home, such as the following:


● Kit components for solar panels

● Photovoltaic solar panels use the sun`s energy to generate electricity.

● Turning the gathered electricity into helpful energy for your home using inverters and wiring

● Mounting tools that you can use to attach the panels to your roof

● These kits occasionally come with the necessary engineering and permitting documentation to help you complete the installation.


Although solar panel kits can be less than the total cost of a professional solar installation, many solar buyers cannot install solar panels correctly due to complicated electrical and mechanical requirements. For these customers, it is always a good idea to hire a qualified solar installer to complete the installation for you out of concern for their safety.


They have:


Off solar grid kits

Solar panels

Energy storage system


Why Shop From Sungoldpower?


● Products from them come with a 12-month warranty. In each instance, the warranty duration is counted from the original consumer purchaser`s day of purchase. The commencement date of the warranty period shall be determined by reference to the sales receipt from the initial consumer purchase or other suitable documentation proof.


● They offer a 30-day return policy on their products. If you return an item(s) for one of the following reasons during the return period: carrier damage, defective product, a product that does not match advertisements, incorrect product received, or an extra product you did not order, they will cover the shipping charges. Customers are responsible for paying shipping costs in all other cases


● Any of their product that malfunction will be replaced ( within 30 days). The original product`s remaining warranty is transferred to the new item.


● Don`t hesitate to contact them to arrange the replacement part if you want to replace one of the broken parts. (Beneath warranty)


● For products purchased directly from Sungoldpower.com provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. They are sure you`ll like your new purchase. However. If, for any reason, you are not entirely pleased with your purchase, you have 30 days to return the items as long as they are brand-new, unopened, and unaltered. If your item does not comply with these conditions, they cannot guarantee that it will be accepted for a refund or exchange. Inform them within 30 days if, for any reason, you are dissatisfied. Your item must be brand-new and in the same condition you received it to be eligible for a return. Additionally, it must be in its original packing.

Solar power systems can give homeowners several advantages, including decreased electric bills, reduced carbon footprints, and possibly increased home values. However, these advantages frequently have high installation and upkeep costs, and the size of the gains might differ significantly from one home to the next.