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We reserve the right to change and modify the whole or any part of the Terms and Conditions at any time which would be effective immediately after issue of notice. If any of the terms of the agreement are unacceptable to you, you are advised to immediately cease the use of all our services

Username and password

For setting up your account, you shall be asked to select a username and password as part of the registration process and you would be accountable for all the activities occurring under your username and password.

You are required to keep your username and password confidential and should not be used to access your account by any other person or entity.

After gaining access to our services, you effectively agree to:

  • • Provide a valid information about yourself
  • • Maintain and update your information promptly to ensure your account details are accurate
  • • Restrict access of your password to any third party
  • For purchase of services

    Pricings of any product listings or service on the site may change at any time without prior notice unless duly specified


    Certain services and products you purchase may be subject to export controls. You agree to comply with all export and non-export restrictions on these products and services, and you will not transfer these products and services to a prohibited country which is in violation of law.

    Your order confirmation does not signify our acceptance to your order and neither does it represent our intent to sell. We may accept, decline or place quantity restrictions after the receipt of your order for any reason we deem necessary.

    We will refund you the amount in case we charge you on a purchase that has been cancelled.

    Whilst we try to maintain transparency and accuracy on our product descriptions, we cannot guarantee that the content is error-free and free from misstatement.

    Promotions are subjected to change over time.

    We cannot determine the availability and price of an item before you book your order

    Promotions are only available to users who are minimum of eighteen years of age and are a resident of the United States of America.

    It is through our discretion we offer participation in promotion schemes and cash-back rewards.

    Purchase or our products and services for resale or commercial use is prohibited and lead to ineligibility of the account holder.

    We reserve the right to cancel, amend and modify the promotion or the payment of any amount in terms of award without any obligation or notice subject to following conditions:

    • • Susceptibility of fraud
    • • Technical failures
    • • Human errors
    • • Any factor that impairs the function, availability and integrity of the promotion scheme.
    Termination of Subscription

    By accessing our services, you acknowledge that Getfinaltake reserves the right to terminate your access to its services at its own discretion for any reasonable cause without any limitations if we have reasons to believe you have acted inconsistent with the terms of our Agreement.

    The termination shall be made effective immediately without any prior notice.

    We may also delete or deactivate your account effectively immediately to prevent you from further access to our services.

    If your account is terminated, it would not be automatically renewed, no refund shall be provided and access would be prohibited.

    Subscriber information

    You agree to maintain true and complete information about yourself as you subscribe to our services.

    You agree to immediately inform Getfinaltake of any prompt changes in your personal details i.e., credit card information, residential address, apparent breaches of security or unauthorized disclosure

    You agree to inform Getfinaltake immediately of any potential or suspected breach in your Account.

    Use of Getfinaltake’s content

    You acknowledge that the content of Getfinaltake’s services (i.e., pictures, videos, audios, software’s, articles, graphics, links, logos, trademarks, reviews and other materials) is protected by copyright, trademark and other proprietary rights.

    You agree to comply with all the copyright laws, restrictions and notices contained in any content of our services.

    You agree not to use any search and retrieval application to access any portion of our services.

    You agree not to avoid, disable or otherwise interfere with the security protocols established on our services and content, which includes the features that prevents the user for copying content without due authorization.

    The use of content of Getfinaltake is for private and non-commercial use; any other use is strictly prohibited

    You agree not to copy, publish or make available the content of Getfinaltake’s service without obtaining the express written permission from Getfinaltake.

    If you copy, publish or make available the content of Getfinaltake’s services without the express written approval of Getfinaltake, your subscription to our services shall be cancelled without refund and you would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.