Privacy policy

Getfinaltake recognizes the importance of protecting the sovereignty and integrity of consumers. Their privacy policy is established on the basis of definite principles:

  • • Special handling and care is given to personal information provided to Getfinaltalke provided by consumers.
  • • Data provided by customers is kept with us until we have utilized it for the purpose it was collected.
  • • We assist customers in complying with all statutory laws concerning personal information provided to us.
  • • The ultimate purpose of our privacy policy is to maintain transparency towards our customers while we obtain, utilize and share their information with their consent.
  • • To give our clients more control over determining how their information can be distributed publicly or indexed by the search engine sites.
Application of Privacy policy

The Privacy Policy of Getfinaltake applies to:

  • • Information collected when you use our associated websites.
  • • Information collected when you use our mobile applications.
  • • Information collected by other automatics products or services when you use our website or services. (i.e. [payment transmission services, cloud computing services).
  • • The data collected by other websites that are subscribed to our services while you are logged on to our website.
  • • Information collected when you apply to a job placement featured in our site or our associated websites.

Our privacy policy doesn’t apply to our products and services exclusively mentioned. These products and services have a separate privacy policy.

Information Processing

Information is collected for the sole purpose of rendering services to our clients and is not use for otherwise than intended purpose. The information is collected primarily from three sources: information provided by customers, information collected by us automatically and information obtained from other sources.

Information provided by customers

Basic information;

data gathered when a user creates an account on our website. They may also provide additional information (i.e., residential address, hobbies) which Is not necessary for setting up an account.

Public profile information;

after setting up an account on our site, any information you provide to your public profile is collected and utilized by us. Please keep in mind that information provided to a public profile is susceptible to be accessed by the general public.

Payment and contact information:

data is collected if users buy or earn from our site for the purpose of collection and processing of payments exclusively. Data of all the purchases you make is collected by our site and additional financial information is collected when you set up payments integration on your account.

Published accounts information:

you may also provide us with information about you through publishing draft content and posts on our site.


you may also provide us information when you respond to our surveys, questionnaires and email

Job application information:

you may provide us information through applying for jobs posted in our site as part of the application process.

Information collected by Getfinaltake
Usage information:

we collect information based on the activity when you use our products and services. This includes the web pages you’ve accessed on our site and searches you’ve performed.

Location information:

we ascertain the approximate location of your device through it’s IP address after obtaining your consent. This information is collected to determine the demand for our services from different geographical regions.

Stored information:

we may access stored information in your mobile device after obtaining your consent if you use our mobile application.

Information from other sites:

we may access information based on your interaction in other sites (i.e., likes, comments, sharing) whilst you are logged on to your account in our site.

Information from cookies and other technologies:

we may access information from cookies stored on your browser and pixel tags for tracking visitors and access to our services.

Information from Other Sources
Third Party login:

if you access our services through logging in from another account (i.e, gmail), we will receive associated login information.

Social sharing services:

if you connect your account with a social media profile through our publicized feature, we may receive information from that profile after obtaining your consent.

Google account information:

when you connect our service with a google account, we may receive your Google user data such as your Google Add manager configuration and Google Analytics data.

Purpose for accessing information

We at Getfinaltake gain access to your information exclusively for the following purposes:

  1. 1. For rendering our services
  2. 2. To ensure quality in our services, maintaining user security and improving our service standards.
  3. 3. For management of adverts placed and featured on our website.
  4. 4. For marketing our services and improving the effectiveness of our marketing tactics and strategies.
  5. 5. For protection of our services, our clients and the public.
  6. 6. To fix inconsistencies and irregularities in our services.
  7. 7. To enhance the experience of users by customizing our features and increasing our client’s sovereignty.
  8. 8. To communicate with our users and third parties more effectively.
  9. 9. For recruitment and hiring of professionals for improving our services.

It should be noted that our legal ground for accessing and processing information is based on EU’s (European Union) data protection laws that have specified the grounds on which we shall be accessing your information.