About us

Our journey

Our boss/mentor Cindy Linard loves shopping, however every time he went on the internet to browse through new collections, she found them expensive and hefty on the pocket. Cindy came up with the idea of creating a platform where readers and consumers from all over the world can not only browse through hundreds and thousands of valid store coupons but also read about how they can avoid making the same mistakes our founder did. She thought of adding lifestyle blogs, saving hacks, frequently asked questions and most of the traditions and rituals one encounters in their life. She thought of keeping an online journal of thought of helping people and revolutionizing the industry by providing and being the source of their knowledge. Soon this idea grew bigger and we started getting recognition from various stores from around the world.By spending hours searching and browsing through various stores around the world we created the website that is today known as getfinaltake.com

What is Getfinaltake?

Getfinaltake is a team of enthusiastic and visionary individuals who spend days and nights trying to create a network of people and building a bridge between consumers and stores from all around the world.

Our team spends hours collecting data and categorizing it into various categories such as, home and garden, attires and apparels, accessories, gadgets and cosmetics, travelling and camping gear and so much more. Think of a category and we have a coupon for you in the category of your choice. Shopping for essentials and luxuries you would like to enjoy in life does not have to be hefty on the pockets and Getfinaltake is here to make sure that it delivers you as much convenience as possible while saving those bucks.

Entrusted by various merchants.

We are growing and changing by the hour and in this ever-changing world your network of people should not be constant. Getfinaltake thrives on its merchants and the relationship it builds with them. By providing them new and old customers from time to time and increasing brand awareness by various social media campaigns and search optimization techniques. We have a team of individuals solely dedicated to working with various merchants to provide your brand the essential and much needed exposure to create a name for themselves while providing local online shop owners an opportunity to enhance their customer base.

If you are a merchant who is looking to create a strong online presence and boost their overall place in the global ranking and want to increase their sales velocity, then the only hindrance is you might have not signed up with us.

Go to Platform for Customers

Due to our user-friendly interface and over thousands of options of coupons in various categories and subcategories, our customers never leave the platform disappointed and unsatisfied. The only reason behind our constant growth is our huge customer retention ratio and we are working day and night thinking and experimenting with new things that will help us improve and upgrade our interface, so you do not have to face inconvenience. If you have any concerns regarding how we operate at getfinaltake.com feel free to reach out to the customer representative at cindy@getfinaltake.com.

How We operate.

Getfinaltake has various departments working on various components of keeping this website up and running. Each individual takes pride in their work as we are a small business and everyone here is treated like. We want you to become a part of our family and definitely benefit from the vouchers and information available on the platform. Getfinaltake is not just a platform where you can find vouchers and coupons codes, but you can also see various life style, beauty, health related, fitness, travelling, comparative and seasonal blogs which will not only enhance your knowledge of the ever-changing world, But also provide you vital information on the products you require and are using in your day to day lives, for more information visit our blog page.

What do offer

Apart from valuable vouchers, promotions, discounts, promo codes, lifestyle, beauty and health care blogs. You get to experience a whole new one-of-a-kind user-friendly interface which saves and maximizes your shopping experience. With over forty-two categories from plants and instruments to baby products, gifts and flowers to foods and beverages, jewelry and watches to tech accessories. We have covered every arena for you and the only thing stopping you from saving is yourself. March on and make a smarter choice with Getfinaltake.